Retirement Planning can seem like a complicated business.

The Servatus approach:

1. When planning for your retirement you need to decide what Level of Income you intend to have after you finish work.

2. When you decide on how much you want to live on a year, we can then quantify the amount of wealth or assets you will need to accumulate during your working life to achieve it.

3. In quantifying the need, we can first look at what assets you already have; these can include savings, equities, and property as well as traditional pension schemes.

4. After projecting how these assets will grow and add to your wealth in the future we can also estimate how much you need to contribute to your assets/pension to reach your retirement target.

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Author: Geoff Whelan

Geoff graduated from UCD / Institute of Bankers in May 2009 with a degree in financial Services. A (QFA) Qualified Financial Advisor since 2005, Geoff has strived to build on his knowledge of the financial services industry, particularly in the areas of personal financial planning , retirement planning and wealth management.