Investments & Savings

Help to grow your nest egg or start through saving.

Investments & Savings

Whether you want to save for your child’s education or grow your wealth, we can help you choose an appropriate investment and way to do it.


There are many different investments and ways to invest. Your experience and your end goal will dictate what’s right for you. We are impartial and want to help you make the right decisions.


Weather your building a rainy day fund or have a specific goal in mind like children’s education fund, we can help you reach those goals. Savings

Property As An Investment

One of the most popular investments with Irish people, we can help you to finance it.

What is investment? What do you need to consider?

A definition of Investment, says the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income or appreciation of assets. Whichever is your goal will affect what you invest in.

The concept of investment is that you should be rewarded for postponing consumption today, by being able to consume more in the future. But in order to do that, your asset must appreciate more than the rate of inflation.

Unfortunately, the first port of call for your hard earned cash, the Deposit Account is not doing that for Bank customers. Actually, it rarely does over the long term.

So, if you want the reward then you must look at other avenues, and there are thousands of them.

At Servatus, we help you find the right investment taking into consideration your need for future income or capital growth. We’ll help you decide on the level of risk you need to take to get what you want, and we help you plan.

You need to beware as some investments are advised for you but others are sold to you. We can discuss with you the merits of:

  • Life Company Investments
  • Direct Stocks and Bonds
  • Property
  • Unregulated Investments and peer to peer lending


Whether you are saving for a deposit for a home or college fees we have a savings solution to suit you.

For Example –

College Fee’s

3rd Level education fee’s can put a strain on family resources and often will prevent a student from focusing 100% on their studies. Forward planning can reduce the financial burden in the years when education costs must be borne.

At Servatus we can help you plan for future education needs of your children. See table below for a sample plan

1st Child

2nd Child




Annual College Costs (Today’s Terms)*



College Costs (Today’s Terms) Adjusted Inflation



For 4 years



Current College Savings



Required Monthly Savings



Child Benefit Month



*College costs based on DIT Cost Of Living Survey 2014/15, as well as average college registration fees of €3,000 (Budget 2014) Estimated After Tax Return On Investments of 3%, and an inflation rate of 2.2%.

At Servatus, we can then recommend a financial product is in line with your needs, that provides you with the investment returns you require and that carries the appropriate level of risk.

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