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Give yourself the retirement you want, talk to us about retirement planning with Servatus.  For company or personal pensions talk to us about our low cost, optimum performance pension plans.

Life Assurance

Some Risks are best managed, other Risks is better insured.
Talk to us about the Risk of unanticipated death or Illness, and how it would affect your family or business.

ARF’S & Annuities

If you are getting ready to retire, talk to us about getting the most income in retirement.  How to manage your finances when you pension becomes your salary.

Income Protection

We are all used to insuring our motor cars, our home and contents. But what about insuring our incomes in the event that we cannot work due to illness or injury. Talk to us about Income Protection.

Investments & Savings

Saving for something specific like a deposit for a home or college fee’s, or just making your money grow.  Talk to Servatus about the best options for you.  Talk to us about our low cost investing model with no long term commitments and no hidden fees or charges.


1st Time Buyer, Trading Up, Investor?
Talk to us about a mortgage for your property purchase.